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One of the joys of owning a house is being able to make it your home. When it comes to home remodelling you can be overwhelmed by the seemingly limitless and ever adapting ideas, trends, and models you see. Our experts have years of experience working within every room and budget to make sure you have a trending home within your neighbourhood. Is a room in your house starting to look a bit dull? Or perhaps your whole home is just missing that extra something to really bring out its innate charm that you fell in love with when you first walked in, we’ll have a solution for you. From the ultra-modern to a more contemporary look, we offer a wide range of styles that will surely stand out to fit your personality.

Barn Doors

Bring the outdoors inside with these durable, stylish and unique barn doors. Interior sliding barn doors are becoming increasingly popular in the modern home, with their sleek design and sure fire wow factor, you can add a focal point to any room literally as you walk in. With the ability to customize your door with different hinges and tracks you have endless possibilities to show off your home trend. The ability to reuse, resurface, and redesign an old barn door for an ultra-modern kitchen or a great way to separate one room into two, is drawing home owners in and has become one of our most popular trending home ideas.

Barn Door Hardware

We stand behind our barn door hardware as it allows sleek movement along any barn door track system, we strive on making our barn doors practicable yet stylish and compromise at nothing to achieve this. With our selection of barn door handles it offers you the chance to customize your barn door to show off your unique tone. From concaved to convex barn door handles we offer a wide range of styles to compliment your barn door of choice. A house becomes a home once you start to add your own appeal into each and every room. If you’re looking to finish off that dream kitchen with rustic barn door hardware we have multiple choices that will bring that earthly tone to the forefront. We encourage you to think outside the frame, mix and match to create an ultra-modern barn door or reflect on simpler times with our vast selection of antique barn door hardware, it is those finishing touches that ultimately create that synergy throughout your home.

Rustic Furniture

Just when you think a home remodelling project is complete you realize that your old furniture just doesn’t seem like it’s the right fit for your new room. We offer a wide range of rustic home furniture that will add that perfect accent to your newly designed room. Our pine bench is a perfect piece to add to your front hall way offering able room for your guests to take off their shoes or put down your groceries. Perhaps you’d want to add some old timely tractor seat bar stools to finish off that western bar in your basement or draw people in to your dream country kitchen island. Whatever the room, whatever the design you choose, our selection of rustic furniture will be the right fit for you.


It never gets old seeing people’s faces light up when they see the difference changing the lighting in the room can make. We offer a wide selection of lighting options from table lamps to ceiling fixtures. Our popular pendant lighting illuminates the room in such a way that each interior wall is bright and as colourful as you want it to be, a real modern ceiling light.


Even with a home remodelling complete the room may stay the same size. Traditionally the easiest trick was to add mirrors to the room, this still holds true today. Our vast collection of mirrors of all shapes and sizes will surely endorse any room you add them to. One of our most popular models are the LED bathroom mirrors, popular since they add more lighting to your bathrooms that are usually lacking in natural light.

Wall Art

To finish off your home remodelling ideas, add that perfect conversation piece to your wall. From more contemporary styles to new wave one of a kind oil paintings, one piece within our collection will stand out to you and add that perfect accent to your new room. We’re getting more and more prints in every day and some are selling out fast. Our Bohemian chic collection offers both colourful pieces to add to your natural toned rooms to grey scale paintings that will give that bold statement within a room of colour and light.

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